Banking and Fiduciary Litigation


  • Individual and Corporate Fiduciaries
  • Partnerships and Corporations
  • Prosecuting and Defending Claims of Breach of Fiduciary Duties
  • Bad Faith, Negligence, Misappropriation, Tortious Interference

Eggleston & Briscoe has significant experience in complex fiduciary litigation. We represent both individual and corporate fiduciaries in a variety of disputes involving trustees, personal representatives of estates and guardians. The firm also advises individuals and fiduciaries in disputes involving business entities, such as partnerships and corporations.

Our attorneys have defended and sued trustees, executors, guardians and other fiduciaries relating to their fiduciary duties and responsibilities. These include claims relating to breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, misappropriation, gross negligence, bad faith, removal of the fiduciary, tortious interference and claims for or involving accountings.

Eggleston & Briscoe also has extensive expertise in resolving disputed matters prior to trial. We have successfully settled numerous cases through mediation and other alternative dispute methods, taking into account the various legal implications of a settlement, and have substantial experience in drafting and reviewing settlement agreements and related documentation.